Batteries Not Included: Why You Need the Holy Spirit

no batteries But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

Did you know that whatever it is that God has called you to do, it's impossible for you to it alone? That business that you want to start, the promotion you've been praying for, the community that you want to change, the industry standard you've been trying to improve, etc., if it's going to bring God glory, you're going to need God's power.

Honestly, we can actually go a little deeper with this. I have found that God's power is not only essential for the big things, but also for managing day-to-day details. I'm talking about keeping calm at the office, managing stress and disappointments, maintaining a sense of peace and balance, managing emotions...the list goes on and on. You need God's power in order to be bold in your faith and to stand up and out for the gospel that you say you believe in. So in order to be an example of Christ and witness to the world each day, we need to be praying for God's Spirit to come upon us. That is the power source that we need to make it through each day. The Holy Spirit is our spiritual battery pack. Without it, we can find ourselves frustrated, burdened, weak, negative, defeated, vulnerable, and simply operating by our flesh.

My challenge to you is to begin each day acknowledging that you need God and His power. As you begin your day with prayer, ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit. That way, by the time you hit the door, you're already operating at a higher level. If you feel the charge dwindling throughout the day, get a boost by reading scripture, singing a worship song, etc. And then, at the end of your day, close it out by thanking God for being with you and empowering you. Begin to rely on God all day every day even in the little things, and your outlook will start to change. You will also notice that God works in not only the majors, but also in the minors. Know that you don't have to go through your days alone, nor does God want you to.

As you about your week, make sure you include your power source! Recharge your spiritual batteries when necessary, and continue to face this world head-on with the boldness and confidence that you need. Be intentional about being a witness!

Live Free!


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