The Train That Never Came...

waiting_for_train Imagine yourself standing at a train station waiting on a train. The tracks are all there, the lights are on, the schedule has been posted, but the train has yet to come. Getting anxious, you look at your watch, look down the tunnel, and still nothing. You were depending on that train to take you to your next destination, but it didn't come. Now what?

Unfortunately this happens amongst the body of Christ on a daily basis. There is somebody, possibly a group of people, waiting on you to pursue the calling that is on your life. Your purpose was designed to be a gateway for someone else. You are the train that someone is depending on. The tracks have been laid, the destination has been set, the only thing missing is you...

One of the Bible stories that really resonates with me the most at this particular time in my life is the story of Jonah. God places a calling on his life, and instead of obeying the call, he runs in the other direction instead. His one act of disobedience caused so much chaos in not only his life, but in the life of the others around him. God went through great measures to get Jonah's attention (He sent a huge fish to swallow him), until he finally surrendered and completed the task assigned to him.

What is God going to have to do in your life in order to get your attention? He may not send a fish to swallow you, but perhaps your job will continue to bring your misery. Perhaps the business you're trying to start in spite of God's instructions will have trouble getting off the ground. I don't know what could happen, and you don't have to find out. You could make the choice to surrender before it gets to that point. Think about all of the people that have touched your life, be it through the CEO of your company, the pastor of your church, your parents, historic legends, etc. What if none of those people had completed the task at hand? How different would your life be?

You are the answer to somebody's prayer. You are the door to somebody's freedom. They are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Don't be the trained that never arrived. Even if you have to arrive late, it's better than not arriving at all. I pray that you would have the courage to set someone else free, and return the favor to those that have gone before you. Get moving, your passengers are waiting!

God loves you, and He is with you always,

Live Free!


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