I don't consider myself a poet; but God placed this on my heart, and I decided that I would share it with all of you...

Unplugged by Arianne M.

From the electronic frame, my lifeline and reference,
That draws me away from God's holy presence.
You sit there and watch intently,
Waiting on the world and Satan to tell you a vision
On your tele-vision,
And you wonder why your healing heart has gone into remission...
From the audio tunes that direct your moods
And move your hips with every single tick,
Tick, tick, tick, BOOM!
There it is, I caught the beat,
The beat that seemingly guides my feet,
This way, that way,
Wait, which way, are we going?
I'm no longer in control.
I've been spellbound by the beats, the beats that make me "whole..."
From family and friends that keep me the same,
I'm immune to the shame that once had me calling your name,
Oh, there's something about that name, Jesus!
He frees us from sin, and gives us new skin,
His spirit is the source of my power surge within,
Only this current has the power to mend...
I'm officially Unplugged.