Imagine Me...

"Imagine me, being free, trusting you totally; finally, I can...Imagine me." Kirk Franklin

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a debt free life. What do you see? What's the weather like? What emotions are being displayed? Who is around you? I saw blue skies, the bright sun, perfect breeze, and nothing but smiles and laughter with my friends and family. The weight of debt was off my shoulders, and I was free. That's the way that life should be. In fact, that's the way that God intended for our lives to be. The thing this, if you can't see it in your mind first, you won't see it in your reality. You have to have an image of what your life will look like when you're debt free and keep that image in your mind until it becomes your reality.

Some of us have been bound by debt for so long that we've accepted it as the norm and can't see ourselves any other way. As long as you see yourself in debt, you will remain in debt. Your actions will continue to reflect what has been ingrained in your heart and mind. The war against debt starts in your mind first. You must retrain your thoughts so that your actions will follow. Vow to never use another credit card again. Make a promise to pay for your next car in cash. Commit to paying extra on loans each month even if it's just $5. Pray that God would position you to rely fully on Him as it pertains to your finances.Take time out of each day, close your eyes, and envision your life debt free. If you continue to do that on a consistent basis, your circumstances will start to change.

Are you willing to see yourself debt free? A lifestyle that some will only hope for can be yours if you would just use your imagination and work your faith. I not only imagine myself debt free, but I also imagine my friends and family being debt free as well. Free to focus on God, and free to enjoy life. Dare to be different by living free. You're only a thought away...

Change requires action!

Live free!