Take the Limits Off!

The song by Israel and new Breed says, "No limits, no boundaries, I see increase, all around me. Stretch forth, break forth, release me, enlarge my territory." Translation? Get out of debt! That's what it means in my mind anyway... No limits, no boundaries =  Lord, you have designed me to live free. I want to be able to answer all of your financial calls no matter how big or small. I can have all of the desires of my heart debt free.

I see increase all around me = Lord, as I get out of debt I'll see my savings and giving continue to grow. I believe that I'll have more money at the end of my month, instead of more month at the end of my money.

Stretch forth, break forth = Lord, I can't do this without you. You are my source! I recognize and call on your supernatural power to get me through this process.

Release me = Lord, I no longer have the desire to live in financial slavery. Free me from the hands of my lenders. Allow me to be a better steward than I was before.

Enlarge my territory = Lord, as I continue to manage the money that I have and sow seeds, multiply my harvest so that I may be ruler over much more. Allow me to touch more lives than ever before!

Let's take off our financial limits by living debt free. Let's show the world just how blessed the children of God are. We will stand out by living limitless, debt free lives. Today I choose to take the limits off!

Change requires action!

Live free!