Conquering The Debt Mountain

"Whew, and I thought I would never make it..." That's what I'll probably say (after I shout to the high heavens first) once I finally make it to debt freedom. When you decide to face your debt head on, it can definitely feel like you're staring right into the side of a massive mountain. After I totaled all of my debts, calculated monthly expenses, and considered how much I made...I thought, there was just no way. I'm going to be paying off these loans for the rest of my life! But you know what? Better late than never. Actually, since I started chipping away at my debt mountain, it's starting to look more like a debt hill. Eventually, it will become level with the ground and nonexistent. If I hadn't started at all, I'd still be staring at the same, massive pile of debt.

No matter how big your debt mountain may seem in the beginning, know that you have the power to move it off your path. You can start by deciding not to make it bigger than it already is. It will take effort, planning, and consistency. Be encouraged. You just never know what resources will appear once you start you're adventure. For instance, it seems as if I have more money now than I did before, but that's not the case. The difference is, I have better control, and use money as a tool, instead of letting it fall where it may. All of a sudden, my mountain isn't nearly as intimidating as it was before, and it's shrinking faster than I thought it would. So go ahead, face your mountain head on, and I'll see you on the other side!

Change requires action!

Live free!