You're Worth the Cost of Freedom!

Freedom isn't free, and neither is debt. In fact, even though debt costs us more, we're reluctant to invest in our freedom which cost less. If you polled a room of 100 people and asked them if they wanted to get out of debt, 90-100 of those people would probably raise their hands. But, if you offered that same group of people a solution that would last a lifetime for a small fee, only 5-10 of those people would actually invest in the solution. Why is that?

Desire. When you really want something you'll make it happen. The small group that takes action has made up in their mind to live free. Their actions are a reflection of what they've already decided in their mind. The Bible says your heart and treasure lie in the same place. So I can tell who really wants to get out of debt by their choice to invest in their debt freedom.

Value. The 5-10 people see a greater value in their freedom than the others. Freedom has always cost something. Whether it's time, money, pride, or something else, freedom has always come with a cost. I'm glad Jesus didn't think that our freedom was too costly. He gave is life for the freedom of millions, but yet we can't sacrifice a few dollars to free

Faith. The people that are willing to invest believe that their investment is going to bring the return that they desire. We're quick to by a new outfit, car, etc., because we believe those things will make us look and feel good. The cost doesn't matter because we allow our feelings and desires to take over. We have to be willing to put more faith in good investments than we do in frivolous spending.

God wants you to live free. If that's what you really want, you'll pay attention to and act on the opportunities that He presents to you. Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. Decide today to live free. Ask God to make a way for your financial freedom, and He will provide you the resources. You just have to carry out the plans. Do you really want to live free?

Change requires action!

Live free!