Rich Towards God

If you haven't heard by now, the Mega Millions Jackpot is now up to half a billion dollars or $500,000,000 for my visual readers. What would you do with five hundred million dollars?! Maybe, go on a shopping spree, pay off bills, buy a mansion, a few cars, travel, etc, etc. With that kind of money, who wouldn't? But what about God? As I clicked through headline after headline and read about all of the things that people said they would do with the money, including everything listed above, there was one person that came close. The guy's response was “I may give the church a little and maybe I would travel a little ... oh, and I'd buy a penthouse on Fifth Ave. or Park Ave. by Central Park" (NY Daily News).

Two things are apparent to me with this response. First, he hasn't planned on or isn't expecting to get rich. Whether it's through the lottery or some other method, with a list that vague and incomplete the expectation isn't there. You should already have a list of tasks ready to go if you really believe that you're going to win. Second, if he's only thinking about giving a little to the church if he wins, he probably only thinks about giving a little to the church on a regular basis. Giving is a habit, period. If we truly are what we repeatedly do, then we're either givers or we're not. There is no hesitation, whether it's a little or a lot. So again, I ask, what about God?

One news station showed footage of a convenience store that had people in line for about two blocks waiting for their turn to buy tickets. Can you imagine a Sunday morning where people were lined around the block to give their offerings because they thought they had a chance at being blessed by God? Do we really believe that the odds of getting rich are greater with the lottery than with God? I'm not saying that God can't bless someone through the lottery; but what I'm questioning is, why don't we have that same, if not greater, excitement when it comes to sowing into the Kingdom?

Well, whoever wins, I hope that they will add these Rich Towards God elements to their portfolio: Trusting God, Giving Generously, Advancing the Kingdom, and Enjoying Contentment. All of these are acts of stewardship that we should practice every day whether we win the lottery or not. Let's get into the habit of sharing our riches with God right where we are. For if we are faithful over the few things, perhaps God will make us rulers over many or possibly $500,000,000 :-).

Change requires action!

Live free!