Checking in!

Hello Everyone! I'm just checking in on your progress thus far! We've talked about a lot the last two weeks, and hopefully you're not overwhelmed. The point isn't to try to do everything at once, but just to realize that there a lot of options to get you started. Once you get going just run with it. Every day won't be perfect, as we all give into impulses from time to time. It's OK. Just pick up where you left off and keep going. The more you practice being a great money manager, the quicker you'll become one and the closer you'll get to your goals.

Don't let the numbers scare you. When you first calculated what your net worth should be, you might have thought "wow, I'm way off and I'll never get there." Let's change that to, "wow, I'm way off, how do I get there?" Can you save more or put more towards debt each month? Whatever suits you, put everything in motion by setting a realistic timeline and go after it. I may not be where I should be yet, but at least I have a goal in sight that I'm working towards just like you.

Don't forget to make the process fun! After all, we're working towards freedom here and that's a very positive thing! Keep a daily chart and give yourself rewards points for saving, using coupons, paying off debt, etc. Get a group of friends and make a competition out of it. I've seen lots of weight loss challenges, so why not have debt reduction challenges? I surely wouldn't mind it if all of my friends were rich. That's why I'm sharing this information with all of you! So let's continue to encourage and support one another. If you haven't started yet, pick a strategy and get going. We're all rooting for you! :-)

Change requires action!

Live free!