Money = Power, Period.

Simply put, "The rich rule over the poor..." (Proverbs 22:7). The average person reading this will probably say, "but I'm not poor." My challenge to you then is this...what do you have to show for it? Just because you have things, like a house, a car, college degrees, or a closet full of name brand clothes, that doesn't mean that you're not poor. You can be categorized as middle or upper middle class by the amount of money that you make, and still be poor. I know this may be a harsh reality to accept, but in order to move forward, we have to face the facts. The definition of poor means having little to no wealth. So technically speaking, if you're in debt, you have little to no wealth, which means you're poor. I'm sure that if the other 99% were wealthy they probably wouldn't still be occupying Wall Street after all of these months.

Just think about all of the things that you would do if you had unlimited access to money.  You might buy a few things, take a few trips, help some people, and the list goes on. But, building wealth isn't just about having the freedom to buy what we want, but it's about having the freedom to make an impact and to change lives and communities. Foundations, scholarships, missions, and ministries require money. The reason why we haven't done many of those things yet is because we haven't had the power to do them. People can't quit their jobs because they need a paycheck. Others don't start businesses because they lack the necessary resources. Students can't afford higher education without borrowing. At the end of the day, having money gives you the power to live freely.

If we really want to advance the Kingdom, we have to change our hearts and minds. Every day that we stay in debt is another day that we remain powerless. How much longer will we choose to live like this? It's time for us to become rich; not only because we can, but because it's necessary. Commit to change today. The clock is ticking...

Change requires action!

Live free!