The Weekender

It's finally here! It's the weekend and you're ready to unwind, relax, get in some "me time" right? Have some fun, just don't lose sight of your goals! Hopefully you've been making a conscious effort all week to change your spending habits. Each day before you've left the house, you've said "Today, I choose to be wealthy!" Maybe you've thought about how you're going to S.I.N.G your way to debt freedom or started using your money razor. Whichever methods you've chosen, keep the momentum going. Hopefully you've already started to lose debt weight, so don't let your hard work go to waste.

Now, just because you're getting out of debt that doesn't mean that you have to become a caveman/woman. In fact, I think that's a bit extreme and unrealistic. Instead, find out if some of the activities or places that you frequent offer reduced prices/rates during off peak hours like the movies or bowling.You can still have fun, you just have to find more budget friendly ways to do it. Once you're out of debt, then you'll be free to expand your activities list. For now, free events, matinees, 2 for 1 meal deals, Redbox, and day trips will be your best friends.

If you already had plans for this weekend, enjoy them, and then start planning and budgeting for next weekend. You'll be more likely to spend less if you already have a plan in place than if you just try to wing it. So enjoy your weekends, just don't lose your focus!

Change requires action!

Live free!