The Starting Block

Welcome to the starting block. I hope you're here because you've decided to join me in the pursuit of financial freedom. If so, it's time to get educated, motivated, and committed to a new way of life! The starting block is where we face the facts. You'll need to take a full assessment of where you are right now. Total up all of your assets, liabilities, investments, and savings, and that will give you your net worth. A free site like can calculate your totals for you in a matter of minutes. I'm sure there are others that you can use, but that's just one of my favorites.

If you have a positive net worth, congratulations, you're on you're way! If you have a negative net worth, no worries, our first goal is to get you on the plus side. No matter where you start, our goal is to continue to increase that amount through a combination of debt reduction, saving, giving, and investing.  But first things order to draw your road map to financial freedom, you'll need to identify your starting point. Over the next day or two, spend about 30 minutes on a site like and calculate your net worth so we can get started.

Remember, change requires action. On your mark, get set, go!

Live Free!