Squad Goals: How to Pick a Winning Team!

"When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles" Luke 6:13

Right now we live in a society where we can gain "friends" and "followers" with the click of a button, whether we ever meet them in real life or not. If we are honest, most of the people that we call "friends" are not really friends at all, but associates at best. Additionally, those we call "followers" are really fair-weather fans that jump the bandwagon of whoever is hot at the moment, giving people a false sense of fame and relevance. 

You can keep up-to-date with all of your favorite celebrities and mentors no matter the industry or genre, and they may never even recognize your name. But some how or another we still feel connected in a world where we are the most disconnected emotionally. We can block, unfollow, and delete in two seconds flat. We can post emojis and acronyms without even changing our facial expressions. I know, because I have done it myself. I believe the same habits have now spilled over into our real personal lives. 

I am afraid that we do not know who are real friends are, and that some of us have lost the meaning of true relationships. But if we go back, and use the model that Jesus used to choose the 12 disciples, we can develop a winning team that will propel us into our destinies. 

For one thing, Jesus chose the 12, they did not choose him. How selective are you when it comes to allowing people into your circle? No, that is not being arrogant, it's simply being intentional. You don't have time to be weighed down by the wrong associations. It's not personal, it's destiny. Do you have friends by default or based on your destiny? Only you can answer that question. 

Second, Jesus didn't allow everyone and their momma to get close to him. He only had a select few. From that group of 12, he chose 3, Peter, James, and John, to go where the other 9 could not, which was in his most secret place. Who are the 3 closest people in your life that can handle your humanity, gifts, weak moments, growth, changes, etc.? Who can check you boo? You don't need a team of "yes-men and women," but people who can hold you down, and hold you up to God's standards. 

Third, he gave them a designation. So let me ask you, why are the people that you call "friend" in your life? What is their purpose? What makes them different? How do they challenge you? Do they propel you into your destiny, or are they a distraction? I know this might seem deep, but your associations matter. For some of you, the reason that you're stuck is because you haven't changed circles in the last 5 years or more. You have gotten too comfortable and complacent. It's OK to outgrow people. It happens all the time from elementary school through the rest of life. It's natural, healthy, and needed. 

Lastly, if you look at the verse right before Luke 6:13, in verse 12, it says that Jesus spent the night praying to God. I believe in his prayer time, God revealed his team to him. When is the last time you asked God who should be on your squad? It might be somebody that doesn't look like you, doesn't have the same background as you, doesn't have the same gifts as you, etc. But they have been assigned to you in order to get you to your destiny.  

As you go through your week, check your squad. Take a real good inventory of the people who call you friend, and who you call friend. Pray that God would open your eyes to those you have overlooked, outgrown, or underestimated. Ask Him to reveal the purposes of those that are closest to you. You may be surprised at the results. Be intentional about building and nurturing authentic relationships this week. Your destiny depends on it!

Make it a great week!


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